the Four Pillars of the WNS Advantage

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  • Academic Excellence

    WNS first and foremost is a school dedicated to educating a wide-range of student learners in a way that will prepare them for success in the 21st century. WNS blends a strong core academic program with an emphasis on a growth and maker-mindset, innovation, and collaborative project-based learning. 
  • Character

    We at WNS believe it is as important to teach to the heart as it is to teach to the mind. Mutual respect and embracing differences are integral to our community. WNS places a strong emphasis on social-emotional growth and competency through the integration of Responsive Classroom and social thinking strategies.
  • Diversity

    Westside Neighborhood School offers families one of the most diverse private school communities in Los Angeles. In addition to the richness of cultural and ethnic diversity present, our school embraces a wide range of socioeconomic diversity, family structures, religions, languages, and learning styles.
  • Community

    WNS does not just admit students, we admit families. We are looking for families that value the opportunities WNS provides and who are seeking a community for their family as well as a school for their children.
Families are streaming to WNS from local and surrounding communities stretching from the South Bay, north to the Sunset corridor and to points east. While our convenient location adjacent to the 405 freeway and several major transit roadways plays a part in this attraction to WNS, parents and students are drawn to WNS for reasons intrinsic to the school's philosophy and mission which can be described as our four pillars of success: Academic ExcellenceCharacterDiversity, and Community.
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