The WNS Advantage

We strive to be a community of lifelong learners, where academic excellence, creativity, sense of humor, independence, self-discipline, and high moral standards are valued.

WNS Philosophy

Westside Neighborhood School is built on four pillars: Academic Excellence, Character, Diversity, and Community. What differentiates WNS is our commitment to the current best practices in education while embracing a forward-thinking approach to curriculum. As educators, we are committed to continue our learning in order to give your children the best possible education, preparing them for a world we recognize will look very different from the one we see today; one that speaks to their hearts as well as their minds. A WNS education is not one of the pillars, it is all four, working together to create a well rounded, curious student who is excited about learning and eager to create and contribute to the world around them.

WNS embraces a positive, child-centered approach to education that strives to fully develop the potential of each student intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Our high academic and ethical standards encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and their behavior. Propelled by curiosity, WNS students are learners, doers, and makers. We provide students a platform to become entrepreneurs by nurturing their intrinsic ability to innovate. Our program is designed to engage students in a project-based, active learning curriculum that challenges all students to grow. We provide an environment where each child is able to experience success, is confident in taking intellectual risks, and where individuals feel valued in their differences and value the differences in others.    

Our goal is to instill in our students a love of learning and an understanding of our world and to provide for our teachers and staff an environment of collegiality and professional growth. WNS recognizes that children have different learning styles and learn best at different rates. Our program is built from the best practices derived from the progressive, developmental, and traditional educational philosophies, and employs a variety of experiential age-appropriate activities designed to accommodate students' needs, invite their creativity, and challenge their growth.
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