Music Program

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  • DK-4th Grade Music

    DK through fourth grade music class teach the important musical concepts and skills. Students learn instrumental music (recorders, drums, midi-keyboards, etc.), with a main focus on the vocal components of music.

    Students in developmental kindergarten through fourth grade take part in an active music program based on the philosophy of music education developed by Carl Orff. In our classrooms, students sing and move to the music and play instruments ranging from drums and xylophones to other percussion. From such in-depth involvement with hands-on music making, the students formulate their own understandings of music, learning terminology and how to apply it, which leads to more and more student creations and arrangements of music. Ultimately the students will be capable of creating their own melodies, as well as have the ability to arrange accompaniments for those melodies using the instruments, harmonies, and rhythms they have learned.

    In younger grades, the focus is on developing a sense of beat, which is crucial to communal music making. Students do that by walking, hopping, and skipping to the beat, as well as playing instruments to the beat. Creating music to go with stories is part of the way music is so integral to the students' language development. Older children develop music-reading skills playing the recorder in third and fourth grades.
  • 5th-8th Grade Music

    Choral Music
    Every student at WNS participates in choir. Members of choir focus on music literacy, vocal techniques, and music appreciation. Elements of musicianship, harmony, collaboration, and movement are key aspects of middle school music. Students showcase their learning by participating in several performances throughout the school year. Mr. Pease, the choral music teacher, previously taught and conducted choirs, grades K-12, in Bloomington, IL and in Manhattan Beach. He holds a masters degree in music education from Illinois State University.
    Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day: Students in middle school perform a combined choral piece for this important event.
    Winter Program: This is the largest and most-attended performing arts event of the school year. Every student at WNS perform musical selections, often with costumes, props, and choreography.
    5th Grade Cultural Fair: A collaboration with several other departments, students learn musical pieces to compliment their various scenes in the show. The event focuses on family histories, narratives, and an appreciation of our cultures and our past.
    Spring Choral Concert: Students in middle school perform a variety of choral music in this culminating formal concert in the MPR. 
    Festival Choir
    Festival Choir is a non-auditioned advanced vocal ensemble. All WNS students in grades 6-8 are welcome to join. Rehearsals typically take place before school twice a week and begin in January. Students attend a competitive choral music festival near the end of the school year. The focus in this choir is on more traditional, advanced choral repertoire.