Performing Arts

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  • Early Childhood Center Program

    Play is at the center of of Dramatic Arts for young children. Through their natural desire to role play, pretend, and invent stories, young children develop cognitive flexibility, perspective taking, language, and pre-literacy skills. Dramatic arts will will be interwoven into the curriculum at the Early Childhood Center through interest based projects such as plays, songs, and student driven films. Because we wish to nurture young children’s intrinsic desire to play and invent stories, most of these experiences will be process and not performance based.
  • Elementary Program

    Students in Kindergarten through fourth grade experience performing arts through our K-4 music program. See below for more information on the WNS Music Program.

    All students at WNS come together for the Winter Program, a performance held every winter. Middle school students in the Winter Program elective select songs for students to perform across grade levels. Each grade level sings a song, some including instruments and dance, and grade levels may come together to perform a song together. One of the most cherished performances during the Winter Program is the K-8 buddy song, where students in our kindergarten and our eighth grade sing a song together.

    Fifth grade students work with our Theatre and Performing Arts teacher, Dr. Desi Cameron, to write and perform their own production based on their family histories and stories for the Fifth Grade Cultural Fair in April, while developing their theatrical and collaborative skills to put on a production. Following the production, students delve into an improvisation unit.
  • Middle School Program

    All 5th grade through middle school students participate in theatre arts classes during each six-day cycle. Class topics and projects vary by grade level, but the emphasis in each grade is on students becoming more engaged with the process and conceptual creation and expression of the dramatic arts rather than on production.

    Middle school students may also participate in the theatre elective, a two-trimester elective class that culminates in the production of a spring play or musical.
    • Sixth grade students explore the world of physical theatre, improvisation, and masks. Students write, direct, and perform in masked scenes, while also learning about the significance of masks and their origins in theatre.
    • Seventh grade students examine the world of William Shakespeare and explore and perform selections from six of his plays. They also write their own modernized versions of selected plays to bring them to life.
    • Eighth grade students collaborate to write, direct, produce, and perform a show. Students work backstage as well to support their classmates. Eighth graders culminate their year with a monologue unit and perform for their peers to refine and enhance their performance and public speaking skills.
Winter Program Elective: Students select songs for students to perform across grade levels, perform an opening and closing song, and write, direct, and perform in transitions between grade level songs to help tell a story. Students in the elective have written and performed scenes, choreographed and performed dances, rehearsed an opening and closing number, and even wrote, directed, filmed and edited a movie clip as a transitional piece between musical acts.

Dance Elective: The dance elective culminates in a dance performance at a morning assembly.  

Musical Elective: Students have the opportunity to stretch their singing, dancing, and acting abilities on stage and perform for the entire school community. Previous musical productions include: The Little Mermaid, Willy Wonka, Jungle Book, Into the Woods, Pinocchio, Treasure Island, and The Odyssey.