WNS prides itself on continuing to update its technology in the classroom and provide significant resources to our students, within a STEAM curriculum.

Skills for the Future of the World

Students in grades 2-8 meet with our Technology Specialist once a week in our Technology Center. Here students learn computer literacy skills such as general computer use, typing, word processing, and safe Internet use.  The Technology Specialist also teaches advanced computer skills, the use of multimedia applications, coding, and digital citizenship to our older grades.  Students are instructed in transferable skills they will use in the future - such as design principles, research methods, computer logic paradigms, and digital communications skills rather than trained in using specific programs. Technology education is not part of the K, and 1st grade curriculum intentionally as this is a critical time of brain development for reading and whole language and a time we want children engaging in and exploring their world.

Technology is integrated into the classroom as a tool for learning through SmartBoards and Green-Screen multimedia. WNS has state of the art laptop carts for our classes to use as well as a 1:1 iPad program for our middle school students.  Our robotics lab is a favorite among students, as well as our 3D printer.  WNS uses Common Sense Media’s guidelines to help teach safe media habits to our students.  iPhones are allowed on campus for middle school students, but must be checked in to the front desk at the start of the day, allowing our students the ability to be fully immersed in the classroom without distractions. 

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