The World is a Classroom

Education Far Away from the Classroom

WNS has long been globally focused in our approach to education. We are constantly thinking of new ways to increase our global engagement, especially in regards to service learning. To that end, we offer a unique summer school class for WNS middles school students that includes a trip abroad filled with service learning and interdisciplinary study opportunities.  

The inaugural trip was in the summer of 2015 when our students traveled to Costa Rica. In the summer of 2016, WNS students went to the Dominican Republic!

The Global Studies Summer Program takes place during the first session of the WNS Summer Program. Prior to traveling, students will have two full days in the classroom to learn about the country in which they will be traveling, practice their Spanish, and prepare for their final projects which are presented upon return.

While abroad, students and chaperones will be led by an expert team assembled by EF Tours, a world leader in educational student travel. Upon returning from their life-changing trip, students will have two full days to reflect on their experiences, complete their research projects, and present their findings.

Highlights of our Global Studies Program trip include:

  • Meaningful service-learning experiences and working side-by-side with locals
  • Language lessons and immersion
  • Cultural immersion - the group will be living in the communities that they will be serving