Parent Group

the Parent Group's Mission

To support the WNS community with opportunities for social, educational, and fundraising activities as a means to enrich the school experience.

Enriching the School Experience

When you join the WNS community, you become a part of our WNS Parent Group.  All WNS parents or guardians are members of the Parent Group. There are no membership dues or fees.

The Parent Group is represented by a Parent Group Board that serves to support the community and their involvement in the school and all of its wonderful activities and events. The WNS Parent Group Board coordinates numerous volunteering opportunities for parents at the school such as library, art, hot lunch service, and family fun events like the annual Book Fair, the Gala, and Party Book events. Parents have a variety of opportunities to meet other WNS families, to be involved in the school, and to be involved in their child’s life at WNS. The Parent Group at WNS definitely brings the fun!

The WNS Parent Group is an active and integral part of the school community. Its members participate in and assist in the social and cultural activities of the school, working to maintain the close relationship that exists between the school, the students, and their parents. The excellent support the school receives from the WNS Parent Group works to enrich the WNS school community for everyone.