Student Life

The WNS Experience

Authentic Connection and Comfort Within a Learning Environment

As a WNS student, you will get to experience a warm environment daily, from the faculty and staff, student body, and parent community. From Morning Assembly, Morning Meeting or Advisory, Family Groups, and our Buddy Program, we know one another well and genuinely care.

All WNS students, faculty, and parents gather at morning assemblies twice a week. These assemblies begin and conclude each week, and feature a sequence of presentations, including a talk by the Head of School, sports reports, student performances, and class presentations highlighting a field trip or exciting classroom activities. Seventh and eighth grade student leaders officiate at the assemblies and each assembly is begun by a salute to the Flag and to the Earth, and concludes with a few minutes of reflection to a piece of thoughtfully selected music.

Students form a close-knit community with their classmates during Morning Meeting or Advisory which meets regularly through the week to provide a platform for authentic connection and comfort in students’ learning environment.  Students will be challenged to learn and grow in the classroom, while forming lasting bonds with their peers and faculty.

WNS students interact with multiple grade levels and faculty and staff through our grade-level Buddy Program and Family Groups. The Buddy Program meets regularly and allows students in lower and older grades to interact and practice mentoring starting in the fourth grade. Our twenty Family Groups include children from all grades and faculty or staff advisors. The groups remain the same throughout a child's time at WNS, adding new students as they join our school. Seventh and eighth grade students serve as leaders of the groups. Core Group, composed of middle school students, plans activities and provides instruction for the leaders. Family Groups engage in a variety of activities, including Breaking Bread at Thanksgiving and community service projects.

During the year, students perform together at our annual Winter Program and support each other at many performing arts, music, and sporting events.

Students and parents will experience multiple community events throughout the school year.  From the All-School Picnic, the Halloween Parade, Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day, to Movie Night, grade-level events, special assemblies, Back-to-School Nights, and Open House. WNS provides plenty of opportunities for families to share in the excitement of a WNS education.

A Diverse Community

WNS strives to emulate the world in which we live and is fortunate to possess such a richly diverse community. WNS has a Diversity/Multicultural Committee that is made up of faculty and staff with a parent participation. This committees focuses on programs and policies that further the school’s Four Pillars. The committee helps facilitate diversity training for all faculty to support them in effectively engaging students (our community) in healthy dialogue that explores diverse perspectives and experiences, deepens understanding and empathy (for each other), and helps transform misunderstanding into opportunities for learning. We are community grounded in engagement, curiosity, growth and diversity. At WNS, diversity means we celebrate and embrace differences as well as commonalities and encourage a conversations around them. We view diversity holistically and value it as a strength in our community in which equity and inclusion to ensure that every member of the WNS community have the full WNS experience.